Fully Managed Virtual Assistants for

Small Businesses, Soloprenuers, Startups, and Individuals

Focus on what’s important, while we handle the rest!

Join thousands of satisfied clients who have grown their businesses or avoided personal burnout by delegating recurring, mission-critical tasks to our specialized virtual assistants.



It works

  • Once you order assistance, a client success manager will assign a specialized virtual assistant trained to handle those types of tasks. If you prefer, we’ll contact you via your preferred means of communication or start work on the tasks according to the instructions and directions you provided in your intake form.
Task Monitoring & Execution
  • We walk you through how to monitor the execution of your task in our dashboard. No worries, your virtual assistant is trained in nearly every task/project management tool on the market so if you have another dashboard you use to track and monitor tasks, we’ve got you covered.
Assured Delivery
  • Upon completion, the client success manager reviews the task to ensure it aligns with your instructions. If execution was up to standard, we update the dashboard and alert you of completion via your preferred method of communication. 
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Peace that comes with assurance

the ConcreteRose differentiator

You can find VAs all over the web. So why ConcreteRose VAs? We could say it’s our flexibility in that we customize our solutions to fit you in every stage of growth. Or our reporting capabilities that keep you informed with performance and time management reports. But at our core, in addition to the aforementioned benefits, we offer a quality guarantee through our Managed VA services that competitors can’t match.


Your roadblocks vary

so we're ready with a multitude of solutions

Sometimes, or a lot of times, the tedious tasks that keep you occupied are diverse, it’s not just one type of task. It only makes sense for the solutions to match problem, so we’ve trained our VAs to concentrate in specific fields across a range of functions. Check out some examples below. For marketing, design, development, and all other VA options please click FULL LIST below

AI Prompt Engineer Assistant
Lifestyle/homemaker Assistant
Social Media Assistant
Bookkeeping Assistant
Excel Assistant
E-commerce Assistant
Real estate Assistant


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your ConcreteRose Virtual Assistant only works on your tasks during the agreed-upon hours.

That choice is strictly up to you! ConcreteRose Assistants work for clients worldwide and are adaptable to all timezones and situations

Yes. CRWS will sign a non-disclosure agreement that covers both your relationship with CRWS and your relationship with any hired assistants. However, we cannot sign anything that contains a noncompete clause. Please ask your Success Manager about this.

You can access ConcreteRose Assistant anywhere in the world! Please note that CRWS can only communicate with you and external parties in English (except for bilingual Assistants). Please reach out to our sales team if you require an Assistant who can speak other languages.


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