Medical Scribe Assistant

Our Medical Scribe Assistant works closely with the healthcare providers to assist with administrative duties and medical documentation in order to allow them to focus on patient care.

    • Giving timely response to patient queries & complaints
    • Scheduling appointments for patients
    • Sending reminders to patients of upcoming appointments
    • Collecting patient information and accurately updating patients’ medical records
    • Assisting patients in filling the insurance claims
    • Providing patients with educational materials that will help them manage their conditions.
    • Assisting patients with finding the right healthcare provider 
    • Offering language translations to patients who only speak foreign languages
    • Answering basic questions from patients about their health, medications, and treatment plans.
    • Monitoring patient health and assist with medication management
    • Facilitating communication between patients and healthcare professionals
    • Performing research on medical topics for you in order to help you stay up to date on the latest advancements in your field.

Offering diagnostic assistance

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